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I'm going through a hard time, please help? i need as many answers as possible?

i am 16 nearly 17 and for the past few months i have been thinking and worrying about my sexuality, i dont no why but i keep asking myself will i ever be a lesbian or bi? i dont mean to offend anyone by worrying about it but i have a boyfriend and i love him and have also told him he is there for me but i want to be straight, do you think its my age? i dont find girls attractive either i just look at them and think ohh shes pretty. i cant stop thinking about it i no im being stupid but i just want it to go away. any help please?

thank you

hannah x

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    nawwww your just being...a girl lol..

    it runs through every girls mind...even if they dont admit it.. (:

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    I know exactly how you feel, think its just a thing with being a girl

    i think our hormones take over and it runs through everyones mind,its one of the many joys of being a girl haha

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