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have you known anyone too fat for sex?

I was wondering because of the worlds fattest guy made the news because they made a contraption that lifted his belly so that he could have sex with his new wife for the first time. I've known big people but I never thought about just how big would you have to get before things get lost in the fat.

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    Actually, let me see how to say this in a polite way: When a man's girth grows, it actually causes a decrease in penis size. It doesn't actually shrink. The weight of the girth causes it to almost retreat. When a man gets to be really large, it often time looks like he has no penis, but that he has only testicles. As a man loses weight, for roughly every thirty pounds lost, he gains one inch in penis size. I am a nurse and I know this because I have had to catheterize men before. It's pretty crazy so I would say that it is possible to be too fat for sex. Aside from the cardiac stress that it would put on a morbidly obese person.

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    Like Amanda said, the larger you are, the smaller the man's genitals will be. Some larger men do get something that people call "hidden penis" because it will continue to retract into the body until you just can't see it any more, so some larger males may not be ABLE to have sex.

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    25 lbs? thats now not unhealthy in any respect, however my query is "why do you wish to demean your self via beggin a man to do you?" I have a few girlfriends who're chubby via greater than 25 lbs. however they're a laugh to be with and every now and then they make their want for "companionship" recognized. There are precise methods you have to open the communications. Kinda permit the fellow recognise you could like to have him with you. Don't beg, but additionally permit him recognise he's lovely to you. Oh and make certain you're blank for him....

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    ughghuuhh. *shivers* i just threw up a bit in my mouth.

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    could someone hold my tummy

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