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When flying, can I bring my razor (for shaving) in my carry-on bag?

I'm flying from Birmingham to Houston for Thanksgiving, and I don't want to check any bags.

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    Every single answer that has said you may not bring a razor in carry-on luggage is completely wrong. According to the TSA's website (the first link below), safety razors (which include the common disposable razor) are excluded from the prohibition on sharp objects being carried onboard. The second link is a PDF from the TSA's website that specifically mentions safety razors and disposable razors being allowed.

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    Tsa Shaving Razor

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    Tsa Razor

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    Flash is right. You may take your razor in your carry on. It doesn't even have to be in the plastic bag either. That bag is for small quantities of liquids and gels only.

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  • yeah put it in you luggage not carry on and make sure it fit in a ziplock bag and has the cover on it should'nt be a problem if its on a carry on it will get taken

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    no u cant.. everything u have as a carry one WILL be checked and if they see it they will open ur bag and ya lost it.. trust me.. i know this from recent expierence.. also for other tips.. make sure u put all lotions or ne thing of the store in CLEAR plastic zip lock bags.. it makes it easier and MUCH MUCH quicker to go through secruity!! also be ready 2 take those shoes off so they can be scanned also.. have fun & good luck on ur trip! happy thanksgiving!!!!

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    this is what i do everytime i fly

    and i fly a lot

    i put all my stuff that cant go in a carry on (like a razor or liquids) in a sock

    and then i stick it in a shoe

    and they never find it

    i do this all the time

    trust me

    it works

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    No! Ahhh ahhhh! Are you kidding me?! Even I knew that! BUT you can bring me!


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    No. You are not allowed anything sharp in airports. But you could just put it in your suitcase.

    Hope this helps you. :-)

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    Don't put in your carry-on; put it in the baggage that goes in the belly of the airplane.

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