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Can you still be fit if you smoke and drink?

My Brother eats healthy Mon-Thu and does not drink or smoke. On Fri, Sat, and sometimes Sun he smokes ( up to ten cigarettes and drinks (perhaps two bottles of wine on Fri night, sometimes more and on Sat about a litre of cider and sometimes more. he isn't losing any weight, could her weekend Lifestyle be counteracting any good he is doing Mon-Thu?

He does a few weights in the week, but his stomach is still fat

I have told him to cut outalcohol totally if he wants to lose weight (especially lager) am I correct?

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    you CAN still be fit if you smoke n drink.

    however, its difficult to lose bodyfat is you drink.

    our bodies will burn alcohol as fuel if its present in our body. so it may never touch our fat reserves if this is the case.

    alcohol is empty calories that have zero nutrients.

    to answer ur questions, YES his weekend lifestyle is eliminating the any good he may do the other days. and YES he should cut out alcohol if he wishes to lose bodyfat.

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    Well, there are countless people walking around with cancer and heart disease who can run and play tennis with no problem and have flat tummies... So, what is your point about being fit?

    You don't know you are fit unless you have an autopsy.

    My belief is prevention. Why would I smoke and be a functional alcoholic only to pay for it when its more often too late and then I regret it because I'm not ready to lose my quality of life or die?

    I tell people who smoke, its up to you and doesn't bother me, but don't complain about health problems like arthritic conditions creeping up on you or cholesterol problems or digestive problems or any health issue if you are smoking.

    Because, the body is a garden not car parts. Smoking affects the entire body like a domino affect. Not just the lungs. So, over time, your brother is going to pay for it.

    I was a smoker, so I am not preaching. I also have red wine with my weekend dinners. Red wine is full of antioxidants for cancer prevention, but I only drink it in moderation.

    Truth is truth.

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    Its a tough question to answer.

    as for fitness, alcohol wouldn't really effect that much if the person was planning their drinking around their workouts and not having the two interfere with each other.

    smoking can reduce your lung capacity, making cardio workouts more difficult and getting less results from what little you can pull off. this makes it difficult to keep a lower body fat percentage.

    as for weight training and striving for that ripped/jacked look, a reduced cardio may have some effect on how efficient you are with weight training, however it'd be a much smaller effect and I wouldn't say its impossible to be ripped while you're a smoker.

    that's just my personal opinion as a junior bodybuilder, if theres some scientific data you can find on this take that over what i say but from my experience that's what i've got.

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    it depends on the type....wine and beer have a lot of calories, so yeah if he wants to lose more weight, he needs to cut out the alcohol, at least minimize it.

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    Alcohol seems to have empty calories that increase weight. While you may be concerned, it's none of your business what he does. Focus on something that's more important.

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