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help, my baby doesn't eat much solid food.?

So my baby is almost 7 months now and we've been feeding solids for 4 weeks. She only likes banannas and oatmeal pretty much. How can I get her to like a wider variety and more vegetables? We only try one food a week so I'm hoping that we just haven't gotten to anything she likes. Is it common for babies to only like fruit?

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    It takes about 15 try's for a baby to let u know if they truly like or dislike something. My baby loves fruits and balks at veggies. Of course they like sweet things especially breast fed babies. Sweet is familiar to them!

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    It's only been 4 wks, that's really not that long. It takes quite a while to get them started and up to gear. The slower the better, in my opinion. They're tummies only came equipped for breast milk and starting solid foods is a big change. Commonly they'll go for the sweeter foods. We did veggies first- sweet potatoes, sweet peas, squash and carrots. Even after 9 weeks of starting off baby food she was only having a little bit of baby food 1-3 times a day. At this point they aren't sure about ANY of it! LOL! You may find that she doesn't want anything to do with carrots one week and the next week she wants lots of them!

    Just take your time and make it very enjoyable. If they don't want that food, try one more bit and gently rub it on her lip or put it on your finger instead. If they still refuse just say (outloud) "Ok, we don't have to have this one! No problem! I know it's new!" and either try one more flavor or stop and wait until the next meal time. Don't ever make meal time stressful :)

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    Children are neophobic, which means that they do not like anything new. She has gotten used to the taste and bananas and oatmeal and is perfectly fine with those and does not care about trying new things. It is normal and all you can do is keep offering, without forcing and she will either learn to like it or be a picky eater. As long as she is getting an adequate intake of food (although she does not necessarily even need food until 1 year of age) and is gaining weight appropriately, I wouldn't worry too much as to which foods she is eating and which foods she is not. It is common for babies to be more prone to liking fruit because it is sweet. Babies like sweet tastes before any others because their body is naturally designed to have a preference for breast milk, which is sweet.

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    My baby started with fruits and cereal at month six also. At month seven, we started introducing carrot, potatoe, squash, peas, spinach, beet, chayote, and avocado mixed with a couple drops of virgin olive oil for lunch and we would also give her 3 onces of fruit juice mixed with 3 onces of water. Breakfast and dinner remained as fruit and cereal. This is the diet our pediatrician gave us for her. My baby didn't have teeth, so everything was really well pureed and cooked (except for the avocado), which really made a difference in how much she ate. She would eat between one full and half a gerber jar size.

    Babies like to mimic, so I would begin by pretending to eat some of her food which usually made her anxious to try some. She showed preferences, for instance she didn't like carrots or sweet potatoes that much, so after giving her some of that I would switch to something she did like.

    Don't force them to eat, sometimes they are just not ready for a new taste. And try again a week or two later, to see if they have changed.

    With my baby, sometimes she would be really into fruit and then later she would prefer vegetables.

    This is what I did with her and she eats alot of vegetables and fruits on her own now at one year.

    BTW, remember to stay away from citrics at this stage because they can cause allergies.

    Good luck and don't worry.

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    Yes, it is very common for babies to only like fruits, they are sweeter:) As for veggies I would try sweet potatoes and squash...both my boys REALLY liked. Unfortunatly for you, to get your child to like more foods you will have to keep introducing them. Over time he/she will aquire a taste for the greener veggies (i think people say it takes about 10 tries until they will actually eat it). In that time I would buy smaller amounts of the flavors you know she has a problem not to waste much. Also you have to remember there are things she will just not like. My oldest son would never blueberries or anything mixed with them. He is now 2 1/2yrs and still dislikes blueberries....and let me tell you he knows when i have mixed them into something even without seeing them:)

    Good Luck and keep at it.

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    I introduced all of our veggies before introducing any fruit so that she would not get used to the sweeter taste of fruit. At this point, just give her more veggies and she'll become accustomed to the taste. Cut back a little on the fruit and don't give up!

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    Very. My son loved fruit. Your baby will be getting plenty of nutrition from the milk (breast or follow-on formula) that she is on so don't worry about a balanced diet. Keep up with what you are doing, it sounds like you are doing everything right, just need time and you will get there.

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