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How should i deal with my bestfriend treating me badly?

me and my best-friend are like sisters

but sometimes i think she thinks as me as the 2nd person.

i feel like i Always come second over her other friends.

she changes around them and doing so speaks to me really badly

i love her but she can be really hypocritical about stuff i have try-ed speaking to her but every time she through it back in my face and gets even more angry.

please help what shall i do ?

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    I had one of those once, too! I decided that the person wasn't good, let alone a friend. The more I distanced myself from the non-friend, the more improved my self-esteem became. Get on with your life and let her to her "other friends"! You deserve better!!!

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    Although you guys may feel like sisters because maybe you've known her for a long time, maybe shes not to much of a best friend right now.

    Hang around with youurr other friends and wait for her to grow up in the meantime because you shouldnt have to deal with someone whos gonna treat you badly.

    So, just wait for her to come around, because if she's your best friend, she will. :)

    Best of luck!

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    well if shes really your friend she wouldn't be doing this too you. your friend sounds like a user she nice to you when your not around anyone because she wants stuff from you but when your around your other friends shes mean just too be cool...then she all of the sudden nice again....- once i thought i had a really good friendship, we were friends for a few years but now i really begining to see her true colors- she was being mean to me once then i said u might as well find another ride to the game that we were going to then she started being nice to me and saying sorry and all that crap so i did give her the ride but l8tr i herd her talkin to my other friend saying i just said sorry for the ride. she didnt really mean it at all! she does other crap too. ive tried speaking to her to but she just gets mad makes more fun and yells at me. she not really a true friend. for u it sounds like your a person who offered true friendship with someone and you thought you got it but u didnt because she didnt offer true friendship because she doesn't know how. so my advice to you is just too distance yourself from her. starting by doing a lot less stuff with her. and definitily stop telling her stuff that goes on in your personal life! she will poke fun and it will get worse if you do! stop calling her dont make it too noticable but yeah and if she asks y ur doing this dont tell her at all-- this worked for me it will work for you too. and remember someone who treats you like this is NOT a true friend to you at all!

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    Just because she is your best friend doesn't mean your her best friend. Try to find some friends outside her circle.

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    I'm going throught the same with my friend right now wish I could help you though

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    Find a new best friend.

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    ignore her 4 a while!

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    if she was really your best friends she'd understand, If not then Golooking for another bestie.....

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    back slap a hoe

    she'll get the point

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