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how to view videos in 16:9 format?

Ok so I have a wide screen monitor and everytime I view videos they show in standard format and have the little bars on the side of the screen, is there something I can download to get my videos to show in 16:9 format?

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    yes there is!

    get VLC media player from

    it will play virtually any type of video file, and you can right click on the video when its playing to set things such as aspect ratio, subtitles, audio delay etc.

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    What format is the video in? Does it seem squashed?

    If the video was made in another aspect ratio (as much computer media is), then it'll look fine, but will have bars on the sides (on a WS monitor).

    If it IS squashed and really is 16:9 format, then you'll need a video player that recognizes this. Windows Media Player does, believe it or not. My guess is that the video file was improperly created to be in the wrong aspect ratio. If that's the case, there's little (easy) that you can do. You'd need to re-encode and you'll find that quality will significantly suffer.

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