What are the crucial differences between the Xbox 360 arcade model and the pro?

This Black Friday I am planning on going to walmart and picking up an xbox 360 arcade bundle which includes the xbox, a wireless controller (instead of the wired one), some arcade games, sega superstar tennis (dont really care for it but w/e), and GH3 with the wireless guitar all for $200

I know the main difference between the arcade and pro is the hard drive, but my friend somehow has an extra 60 GB hardrive laying around, that he said he would give to me as an early birthday gift........

This seems like a much better way to get an xbox 360, considering the pro is $100 +/- more.....are there any other main differences I should know? Because that $100 I'm gonna be saving, will go towards Halo3 and COD4 leaving me with 3 much more fun games, a wireless controler, and a hard drive for the same price if I go the arcade route...... This way I can get the wireless adapter and 13 month xbox live card now that I have games worth playing online.

So what do you guys think? Is there a big hidden factor that makes the two different? Are the internals the same, or will the arcade fail on me/ruin my gaming experience? Also, if it does fail like all xbox's will eventually does it come with a waranty where I just send it back to microsoft like all my other friends do with their pro models? Thanks and sorry for the lengthy discription :P (but if you thoroughly answer my Q you will be rewarded :P)

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    Dont listen to that guy. The arcade is just fine, it wont play original x box games and im hearing that some 360 games wont play on it cause they require a HD, but since your gonna be getting an HD, that will not be a problem. Go for it dude, and the arcade also comes with a 256mb memeory card, and since you'll be getting a HD, you'll have both!! Yes the arcade does also come with a warranty, the arcade has the same internal parts ans is exactly the same as a pro, minus the HD....................

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    Well if by pro you mean the Premium xbox then the main differences are Premium play old xbox games and arcades don,t and the Premium comes with a 13 gigabyte hardrive but the arcade only comes with a memory card with a few megabytes on it. But if your getting that 60 gigabyte hardrive then you will have way more memory than a Premium any way so unless you want to play old xbox games on the 360 i say go for it, buy the arcade!

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    4 years ago

    All professional comes with different is a problematic stress like you suggested. sure, arcade is the exact same element as all the different Xbox's. you'll play on-line and netflix the picture of another xbox.

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    1 decade ago

    Hard drive


    free one month of XBL gold

    wireless controller

    Definately worth the extra $100... anyone that buys an arcade system is not a serious gamer or just plain IGNORANT

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