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How do you remove a tanker/canker sore?

well u know the ones in your mouth? like its a white dot.. it hurts pretty bad and im trying to get it out, any ideas? i tried to wash my mouth with salt water.. still there.. :I

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    If it's on the inside of your cheek or on your lip - there are medications for it - over-the-counter (can't think of the name of what I used)..

    If it's on your gumline, it could be an abcess associated with an infected tooth root - and requires dental attention ASAP.

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    I used to get them all the time, then I took my dentist's advice to change my toothpaste. It worked! I hardly ever get them now! Fancy toothpastes with whitening, baking soda, flavours, etc. are harsh on the lining in our mouths, so the acids in our mouth cause damage. I use plain crest PASTE, not gel. Plain mint or cool mint (slightly green) is fine. Crest Complete is full of chemicals, so don't get that. Colgate products were the ones giving me problems, and any of the new Crest flavoured ones (cinnamon, spearmint, etc.)

    As for canker sore treatment (when you DO get one), just avoid spicy or acidic food, and always brush your teeth RIGHT BEFORE bed, no more eating or drinking other than water. For pain, take tylenol or use a baby teething gel. That's about it.

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    these usually just take time to go away. sometimes strong citrus foods can cause a sore like this, and it does hurt, but its very temporary. if its a regular ol' canker sore, there are otc medications you can get at any drugstore that can cut the time you have it in half, but it wont make it go away immediately. id give it a couple days.

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    my friend had a canker sore and her aunt convinced her to dab some southern comfort (the alcohol) on it and it went away in like a day...u should try it...if your old enough to

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