Clear Blue OPK Had two smiley Faces this month 11th Nov & Today?

Had a scan and said no ov on 11th nov but OPK said yes! Today feel nornal twinges and got another smiley face??

Anyone think of a reason?? Am i wasting £20 per month on these things??

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    Hey Sweet thang!!!

    Oh I really dont know honey - maybe on the 11th of november you had some kind of surge of LH but maybe not enough to release an egg - and maybe you are properly ovulating now!

    if I were you I would grab my coat and bag jump into my car and drive like a mad thing!!! get home safe mind you!!! as soon as you arrive in - grab your hubby and get busy honey!

    all joking aside....I just dont think that you should ignore the smiley face....take it as a warning, and go for it!

    Oh Honey, I really really hope from the bottom of my heart that you and hubby get a bfp - how perfect would your family be then. Keep us posted, test in about 2weeks from today!

    I am already 5dpo now - and it's flying in! not really thinking about it to be honest, but I am much calmer now than I was the other day!

    Thanks for all your kind words - you are such a darlin!!!

    Babble and Bago's BFP before Christmas - Honey I can totally see it!!!!!!! PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN!!!!!

    here's wishin on a star!!!! remain positive - things like this do happen - and all the time!!!!!!

    Tons of baby dust to you !


  • Well, if you are wanting to get pregnant it's not technically a waste, but geeze that's expensive. 20 quid? Goodness!

    That's how much they are here in America just in dollars. With the exhange rate it's 30.00 now.

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