i need answers. pleassee answer my question?!!?

pffftt "i need answers"? is that all i could think of?

why else would i be on yahoo answers? d!ckhead.

any way

can you answer my previous question, please?


Probably a regular question seen on here, but i'd like to feel important, so i'll ask again: Does she like me?



The (hopeful) Ninja.


OMG! i wasnt calling you a d!ckhead..it was aimed at myself.. sorry..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    K i read the question but I will answer on here since i'm a d!ckhead and YOU NEED ANSWERS ;)

    k so i think the only way to find out if this girl likes you is if you make a move toward being more than friends, unless you have the guts to straight up ask her. she seems like she likes you but then again she could just like you as a person to talk to. it would kind of suck if she doesnt like you though cause she seems to be leading you on

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