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I baked TollHouse cookies the other day. ?

I have made them maybe 500 times in my life. These came out flat and crispier then ever. What is issue- too much mixing, too warm batter, too cold oven, baking soda not fresh? Don't get me wrong, they are tasty but not pretty.

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    It could be a number of different things. Too much mixing will do it. And I have also found that if you don't put quite as many choc chips into the batter, the cookies will come out more chewy and not as flat. The recipe calls for 12 oz (I think), use 9 oz instead.

    A few tips: start with cold butter, not room temp. You do NOT want your batter to be warm. Same goes with the egg. Cold, not room temp. Only mix the ingredients until they are blended. Do not overmix. After the butter and sugars are blended, put the mixing bowl in the frig for awhile. Let it cool. And when adding the dry ingredients, do not use the mixer. Blend with a wooden spoon by hand. Same goes for when you add the chips. And again, put the dough in the frig for about an hour before you actually make the cookies.

    And use 2 baking sheets. You do not want to put cold dough on a hot sheet that just came out of the oven. The colder your dough, the better the cookies will come out.

    And the last and best tip of all: underbake the cookies by about a minute or 2. They will stay soft and chewy. Trust me.

    Source(s): I am a pastry chef by trade. Used to own a bakery.
  • A tad too much baking soda would make that happen.

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