Christians:What is the overall point of going to church each week and getting a sermon?

..... Whats the point of weekly sermons? I have heard many sermons and I swear they dont really do anything for me. Even while a christian, filled with anticipation and openness, I could get more out of casual friendly fellowship and private or social bible studies etc, so much in fact, that sermons seemed more and more rather devoid of any real content. Just a lot of predictable 'picture language' and nice story telling. But thats just me. What about you? tell me

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    Take a look at Acts chapter 2 where the people meet together (there's that sweet fellowship you mention) to remain under the Apostles teaching and for the breaking of bread.

    Look at Hebrews Chapter 10. Our meeting together is really the strengthening of each other to do the will and work of God. We build each other up and grow in love and "spur" each other on to acts of love which helps us to resemble Christ.

    Sermonizing ought to be about building up the faith and helping believers to keep from following wayward and heretical teaching see Ephesians chapter 4 fo for the definition of the Pastor?apostle?evangelist job description.

    Interestingly, their job is also to bring unity to the faith!

    Great question!

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    What is the point of eating a meal everyday? I have eaten before. I have tasted many foods from many cultures. I think I will quit eating . . .

    What is the use in watching TV or Movies. I have seen many programs before. I have watch many, many movies. The characters may change, effects may be different, but the plots lines are all similar. I think I will quit.

    Why do I listen to music? After all there are only 13 notes and accidentals in the western scale. I have heard them all before.

    Why do I go to football / soccer / baseball / basketball games? I get more out of them when I watch them on TV. I have a better and more comfortable seat at home too. It costs less as well . . .

    Why do I go hunting and fishing? There are TV shows that show me the outdoors. I can learn much more about deer, hogs, turkeys, crappie, bass, amberjack, grouper, etc from those professionals on TV.

    What is the point of assembling with the saints in a church setting? - The answer is Heb 10:24-25. We gain encouragement and give encouragement when we assemble together. We stir each other up to love and good works when we assemble. Regretfully many Christian groups have perverted worship into entertainment or a berating from a bullish pulpit. Worship is more about assembling together to focus on a common savior and God, and to recharge for a life in a hostile world.

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    I'm going to answer this as a Roman Catholic. We believe that our relationship with Jesus Christ is communal, as well as personal. So the sermon may not be for you, but the person next to you, behind you, etc. You are there both a "family" member (as in the Body of Christ) and as support for the person needing the message.

    Recently, after Mass there was a social gathering. I saw a man sitting alone and invited him to sit with my girlfriend and me. He declined.

    Later he came up to us with tears in his eyes, and thanked me for "the kindness," saying that he really needed it that morning. To this day, I have no idea what he was struggling with, but the invitation seemed to help him somehow.

    Have you ever noticed the repetition of advertising messages? Often it's the same advertiser saying the same thing, different ways. You may block it out, but it works.

    When our brains hear something, it searches for similar messages. The more repetition it finds, the more we accept the message as truth. Same thing with sermons (homilies).

    The bottom line is that you may be bored, but someone there may be hearing it for the first time, even though they've heard it a million times as well. Christ may be calling you to be "him" for that person at that time.

    It's a great question, and I hope this helps!



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    A really good sermon would be an encouraging one. One that makes you feel differently from the time you walk into service until the time you leave. God will touch your heart with encouragement. If you aren't hearing that type of sermon, maybe you are in the wrong church. I know I've been to some dead churches in my life. I just move on until I find one that speaks the full word of God. Not just the parts that "tickle the ears".

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    I doze off, like 1/2 any human beings in church. Makes the time bypass swifter. in no way walked out on a sermon, besides the indisputable fact that. i imagine whoever's giving the sermon receives the message by making use of depending on the congregation, and realizes he's been conversing too lengthy.

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    I also prefer the smaller casual fellowship groups and bible studies, however, our church has had some ministers who give wonderful sermons, and I hate to miss them. Most however, do not. I still go to the service, because I am there for other purposes.

    I guess it is just speaks to each individuals preference.

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    Sounds like an argument for better sermons...Read the 8 volumes of John Henry Newman, available free and online...Best sermons of the last 200 years.

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    I haven't been to a church like that in five years! The messages I hear now is more relevant than that of my previous church. They are organized, edifying, and very informative. I enjoy going to our meetings.

    It's kind of hard to believe I didn't always attend the meetings of the church I belong to now.

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    To gain insight and understanding from a professional with the requisite specialized training on the subject. That and the occasional covered dish dinner afterwards.

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    First, I go to church to worship with brothers and sisters. I do not expect the pastor to feed me, I feel that is my responsibility. Christian growth comes from your own personal walk. My being at church may encourage someone, or I may be able to serve someone. You may need to pray for another church.

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