Where can you find this type of steel?

Again as some of you are not aware, I am building a roller coaster for a project. In order to do that, My group needs to know where we can purchase steel and how much it would be to buy it as if we were buying it for a real roller coaster.

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    I used this site in my last project. Has all kinds of materials you could ever want to look for.

    Typing "steel" in the search bar comes up with many different types: alloys, textures, composition, steel grades...

    You can also specify thickness, length, width and stuff. They also displayed performance statistics for each specific type of material.

    So based on the above, it might be a little bit pricey to buy in bulk, but probably a good reference to determine which type of steel you want.

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    I use to use $.25 per pound for material and $.50 per pound if it includes fabrication costs about 20 years ago. Probably about double that now. In any event, it is a reasonable ballpark. Trying to get exact costs form vendors for projects will drive you nuts for a school project. You might look at the on-line Mcmaster-Carr catalog. They will have some stuff. Exact costs depends on a lot of things like shape, alloys, heat treatments, coatings and other factors.

    For large sizes , you might look at a copy of the AISI Steel handbook. In it you will find many common shapes and sizes for beams and tubes, as well as design information (like weight per ft). Most engineering colleges have it, as well as Barnes & Noble, or E-Bay.

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    Steel in large quantities costs more as single pieces than one large order.

    this is true for any product.

    You'll have to google this steel company and poke around for a sales rep, they are the ones who make most of the steel now for the USA

    International Steel Group (ISG)

    Source(s): International Steel Group (ISG)
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    Search your local yellow page to see if there is any sheet metal fabrication shop around. Most likely you will be able to order sheets of metal (cold rolled steel sheets), bar stock, I-beam from them then you can fabricate it yourself.

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    in case you have been to soften rail metallic down and pour it into ingots, I doubt all of us might verify to discover that's source regardless of the reality that a gifted metalurgist might understand. mutually as the metallic grow to be melted you're able to desire to toss a handful of previous horseshoes in and alter the composition and no person might understand. good success together with your project, i might prefer to understand the way it seems.

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    They sell all kinds of structural steel

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