Mac Users, what exactly is boot camp?

I recently got a mac, and it's great. There's so many great features that beat windows and made the buy worth it. But there's still a couple programs I'm afraid to open up, in case it messes something up. The main one is boot camp. I've read that it allows me to run windows on a mac, but don't we have parallels desktop for that? And also, if boot camp really does do that, will I have the same programs if I switch between them?

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    Boot camp allows you to Boot either Windows or MacOSX and run one or the other on your laptop. You don't need Parallels.

    Parallels lets you run Windows WHILE you're running MacOSX (both at the same time!) you could even transfer files back and forth between the two...drag and drop.

    There's also a piece of software called VMware that does the same thing as Parallels.

    A little piece of software called Crossover Mac doesn't run an *entire* copy of Windows, but it lets you install certain Windows applications without having Windows installed.

    Take your pick.

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    i've got tried the two and that i think of that anyone favors a definite utilization development. i ultimately have been given rid of my Boot Camp partition because of the fact i take advantage of residing house windows incredibly gently on my MacBook, and basically decide to do small issues with it and at present change back to Mac OS (or Linux, which I additionally use with Parallels). Parallels makes use of what's called Hypervisor technologies, so issues many times run at incredibly close to to close by velocity, yet in spite of this i've got under no circumstances quite pushed it very no longer common, because of the fact I easily have a computer working residing house windows. in case you intend to apply residing house windows for long classes and don't sense the could replace back and forth very many times, then Boot Camp could be a reliable option for you. although, switching between the two and in specific changing records between the MacOS and residing house windows partitions can get complicated.

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