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What color should i die the bottom part of my hair?

I dont want the whole bottom half of my hair dyed. I jux want the very bottom of my hair dyed. But i dont want blonde. idk what color to get. My hair is a light brown. PLUS i kinda need help trying to convince my mom to let me dye my hair. i think if i tell her that the very bottom is gonna be dyed and it wont be that noticable she'll let me dye it.


i forgot to say that im going to cut my hair today short exactly like this but in layers

Update 2:

i kinda wanna go with a krazy color but any color will do

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    it all depends on ur type of style. some people like having black tips. and i think that wuld look really good with light brown hair. (: i, myself, have natural brown hair, and it has some black in it now, and it looks amazing. (:

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    Coloring the bottom of your hair is an ok theory. i'm no longer really into red haircolor. yet when it really is what you want. bypass for it. it is the way you do it. bypass to the nearest Sally's elegance grant save and purchase a product said as Jazzing. discover the color closest for your required color). also choose a bleaching agent, developer(s), a bowl, a measuring cup (in oz)and a broom. Now you need to go back to a decision the tactic and the quantity of hair you want to color. you need to be careful. The bleaching agent should be positioned precisely the position you want it, plus a million/2". The bleach will amplify or swell. go away this on for extra or less 10 minutes. Shampoo and dry completly.Then upload the Jazzing for your hair. in elementary words on the bleached hair. The longer you go away it on the added brilliant the color. the better area of do is bypass to a salon. they're going to do the artwork for round $60-seventy 5 money. the cost of the product for in abode use. is about $50. imagine sensible. bypass to THE SALON.

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    I THINK. if you have light brown hair dye it dark brown like not black but dark brown it will look nice then low tones though ur hair in browns

    trust i no a lot about hair , u dont want to go to mad with it

    just stick to brown since is winter coz every 1 is dying there hair for winter u want to go darker brown believe mee xxxxxxxxxx

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    yeah i know what you mean.. my mom goes crazy when i get my hair color changed but if your lookin for a color for the bottom part try black or dark brown... it wouldn't look right with a light color on bottom.. trust me.. but with a light color on top and a dark color on bottom.. it works..

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    Not sure if you want it to be subtle or kinda crazy, but I think maybe red or purple. Good luck.

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    Red would be good.

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  • hahaha red lol!

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    periwinkle green.


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