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Military pay question?

Okay. Were supposed to get paid on the 1st which is monday. But I know that sometimes the pay is off. For instance if the first was sunday we would get paid on Friday. My question is. Since it's a holiday week/weekend. Will we get paid on monday the 1st or the friday before? Theres alot of questions about this. Some of the command says on this wed. Others say Friday. I'm sticking with monday since technically monday isnt a holiday. Anyone know?

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    I just checked my husband's LES on mypay. It states that the Pay date is Nov 30th, which means we can expect the money in our account on the 28th (Friday)since the 30th is a Sunday.

    Update: I was right we did get paid friday! Money was in my account at midnight.

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  • This has been confusing me too.. I actually thought it would hit on Wed night BUT seeing as Friday isn't a holiday, I think it will hit Thurs night. The LES does say 1st (my dh is active duty Army).. I

    I guess we will just wait and see.. Every other time the payday hit during weekend or on Monday we got paid the prev business day,

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    OK. I am currently active duty Navy. History shows (the time i've been active) that when payday is sat-sun-mon OR holiday you get paid the previous "workday." Workdays being mon-fri. Pay falling on friday would be there at midnight thurs into friday. So that said payday is on monday, No transfers sunday night so we go back to thursday night friday morning. Can't do that because thanksgiving is thursday. So we fall back to wednesday night which should be payday. Now i've been told by higher ranking individuals that it will actually be thursday night. so either follow the rules that i was to understand or them. we will have our money BY friday morning.

    i could use a little proof-reading, but o well, its the internet

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    You should get it Monday, or midnight Sunday night when the actual date rolls to the 1st. If the 1st was on Sat or Sun, your bank might make it available over the weekend just to make their own job easier. What happens is that lots of employers' direct deposits, not just military, as well as some Social Security deposits, hit the banks for the 1st, so the bank will often get a jump on the load if they can when the 1st falls on a weekend.

    But are you sure you get paid on 1st and the 15th, and not the 15th and the last day of the month? If it's the last day, you might have it Friday night since the last day of the month is on the weekend.

    Source(s): Lots of military where I live, plus I worked in banking here for years
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    Navy fed has an alert on my account saying I am getting paid the 28th, and funds will be available the next day. I seriously thought i was getting the money on the 1st though. I shall see on the 28th if it goes in.

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    It will depend on when your bank make the post. Most banks have an automated system that will tell you when your next direct deposit will post, that is what I will go by. Call customer service and get the number and program it into your cell or keep the number in your wallet that way if this question ever comes up again then all you need to do is call the automated system. I hope that this helps.

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    Monday the 1st is the pay date - the holiday doesn't have anything to do with it.

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    it really depends on your bank, i know mine (usaa) told me the money would hit monday.

    hope this helps.


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