All of my boyfriends professors think I am trying to ruin my boyfriends education?

and I am pissed. They blame me for him not being so focused in school and taking all his time when I tell him days we shouldn't meet and he'll keep asking me till we hang out, he always wants to b e around with me and I enjoy his company very much. I just feel like I'm the scapegoat in this whole matter, the professor like him so much and have known him wayyy longer then me. They all like him and look out for interest, they see me and I get a bad look or something, this totally isn't fair, I am mad at my boyfriend because he is beginning to agree with them when he completely over looks all the times I get out of his damn way with school the same way he does with me. He's not balancing it and they are blaming me for it and I am really mad. He told me recently he was going to take possibly two years off from school, this guy was on dean's list! he is a bright talented student, I just don't see where he get's this idea from! I think this is mostly why they have turned on me. I tried to discourage him but he was really calm and relaxed about it and said this is what he wants to do, that life isn't about school just as long as you are happy doing whatever you are doing. Which is true but still, I don't get it! I am leaving school for a semester but only because I can't afford school at the moment anymore, I'm still going to go back! I almost feel like telling him if I'm such an interuption on his school life then I should just leave and we shouldn't date anymore then. We have been together a year, he loves me and I love him and care very much about him especially his education! grr




This is SO frustrating!!! I didn't do anything!


Dozer : Can you please TRY to explain I don't know why is behaving like this and it's worrying me and I feel really really bad? :(

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    Even though you discourage him and want him to focus on school, he still wants to hang with YOU. I have to agree with his professors on this but I believe its not your fault. I cannot really explain what I am wanting to say.

    Ok, let me try to make it clearer. You encourage him to focus on school. So, directly, it is not your fault. However, your his girlfriend. He feels happy with you and wants to spend as much time with you so he focuses more on you than school. He's one of those guys that when in a relationship, wants to spend as much time as possible with you. My friend was like that. This relationship makes him feel complete and happiest. He probably thinks about you when he cant see you so his attention is class is distracted. Its not your fault directly but indirectly.

  • Kent C
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    A lot of times it is the girlfriend or boyfriend that kills a person's education. They are always thinking about their better half to the point it takes them away from their school work. Their grades go down, they get depressed and either want or actually quit school. It takes a good relationship to survive college. I've been there done that. School has to be the number one thing on the mind of the student if they want to graduate with high scores and the higher the scores the better the job after school. If you really want to help your boyfriend, crack the whip on him and make him knuckle down with his school. If you['re planning on a long life together it's best for the both of you.

  • Marina
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    Have the professors said anything to you about this? It's extremely unethical if they openly blame you for another person's behavior. If the professors are telling your boyfriend and he repeats it to you, it's uncertain that he is conveying their words accurately.

    The real issue here is, do you find this boyfriend mature enough for a serious relationship?

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