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i had a barium swallow and 2 laryngel scopes done and lungs checked what is next please help?

Ok this first all started when the doctor told me I had pharynghitis and difficulty swallowing wich really scared me and back in may it took it very seriiously.Ever since may ive been messing with my adams apple and the whole front part of my neck.I saw an ENT (ears nose and Throat speciliast). He said nothing was wrong and he put a nasal fibre optic laryngel scope down me. So I kept dwelling and dwelling then I got the chicken poxs in june from stressing out. Ive always herd a squritign sounds when I swallow.In end of july I started hearing very weird sounds in my throat and my stomach.August I started thinking it was my wind pipe because when I blow my neck hurts a little. September still dwelling and when I run I feel like something was in my neck area and septemeber I started thinking it was my Hyoid Bone. Hyoid is a little horshe shoe shaped bone in the Neck. Also when I swallow I never feel my food go down my throat at all. And I was thinking my throat was out of place cause when I felt like I was going to throw up it felt like It was getting stuck. So then I had the same ENT(Ears nose and Throat specialiast check me and he put another throat scope and he said it was nothing. So also when it is cold out I see like no carbon dioxide coming out of my mouth ever day when I wake up I blow in the air and I ee nothing come out when it is cold out? So I really feel it’s the hyoid bone because it feels like my shirt is chokcing me and it feels like my throat is missing. Like my trachea isnt in the right place they all said my heart and lungs were fine so I don’t know I also think I have a collapsed tongue and something wring with tongue I hardly see it move when I talk eather so I don’t know I feel im better off dead. What you people think this can be I am 18 male non smoker I never go out and have fun just to hockey and baseball games mostly I also had a barium swallow done recently they said it was nothing ID rather just die

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    Can you say hypochondriac? If you can't, look it up; it fits you.

    A psychiatrist couldn't hurt....

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    See a psychiatrist.

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