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Caring for a peacock in winter?

A peacock has showed up at my barn (a small backyard place) a couple of weeks ago. It seems to have adopted us and we see him now and again. We don't know, but are trying to find out where he came from. In the meantime, his tail feathers have fallen out...well not the feathers themselves, the stem things are still there but no feather part. He's a little ragged looking but does still have weight to him.

Does anyone know what this means? Is he ok? Until we find where he belongs, we want to take care of the poor thing.

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    If it's cold where you live, his feathers may have experienced some winter freeze (got wet, froze and broke off). Male's tail plumes can be pretty delicate, and if he's been fending for himself, he may have broken them off trying to roost, or even avoiding a predator or such. Some breeders I know will actually wrap the tail feathers to protect them, particularly before shows or transport.

    Plume feathers are for courtship purposes and are strictly ornamental, so don't worry - they will molt out and grow back. They don't work as insulation.

    To care for him until you find his owner, make sure he's housed in a protected outbuilding (barn, large shed, etc.) to keep him relatively warm and dry. Straw or hay can be used for bedding, although many prefer to roost. Make sure he's getting a good gamebird feed (this has higher protein than a standard chicken feed) and plenty of fresh clean water.

    I'd also start by checking with neighbors. Peacocks do tend to wander if not contained in an aviary, or maybe he's an escapee, but it would most likely be someone fairly close.

    Best of luck finding his owner!

    Source(s): friend of several peacock breeders raise poultry
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    5 years ago

    Would they be lonely alone: They usually live in big flocks. I suggest a male and female. Then you get cute chicks! Are they loud a lot of the time: Manly during breeding season a male calls about 4 times an hour during the night. Also if they can't find they're friend you hear them call. Is there any special kind of care they need: They need a special kind of food. We feed ours a food called All Flock. You can find it at rural stores. You can also ask the people there for help. Would they be okay around a puppy: They may peck at it. But most of the time the dogs tend to avoid them. If I get him young would he get used to the dog: Eh. Depends on the dog and peacock. Should I get a male or female: Females are quieter but the males are the only ones with the pretty tail. Females are just brown. Are they okay in the cold winter and hot summer: So far we'd have 100+ F. summers and they've been here during our below freezing winters so... I'd say so. They would be fine all year long: Supply food and water and yep! Anything else: Yes. PEACOCKS FLY! How else would a 3 week old peachick get to the roof of our 2 story house with it's parents? Breeding season pretty much during the spring and laying during Juneish. If you live in a neighborhood keep them penned up or they will fly to other peoples houses!

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    Peacock Care

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