oral temp is too low? its 97.7 farenheit?

is this too low? it actually seems to be this low normally or even lower, down to about 95. what does this mean?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your temp changes throughout the day but everyone is concerned with temps these days. A normal temp is what is normal for you. My normal temp is 96.6 but will go as low as 95. I tell the people who take my temp that I carry a low temp all the time. If it gets up to 98.6 I have a fever. You are fine, that is just what your normal temp is. To find out for sure, take it everyday BEFORE you get out of bed for about 5 days. It raises and lowers with movement so take it before you get up for the day. That will give you an idea what your normal is but as I said it does change all day long but it is nothing to worry about. Same with BP, it changes throughout the day also but if it runs constantly high or low (not as serious) it should be brought to a Dr's attention.

    Source(s): retired paramedic
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    1 decade ago

    Everyone's body temperature is different. The "normal", being 98 degrees, but "normal" can vary from person to person. I know with myself & children, if our temps are 98.9, we are sick, sick sick! Our "normal" temps are between 96.5 & 97.5.

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