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Xbox 360 or PS3 which one?

I already asked this and the answer were okay i would like a little more detail on why. I am right now thinking that the Xbox 360 would be the better system but could u explain why 1 system is better then the other because i want to make sure i get the right system.Its for me and my brother so games like 2 player shooting games/ fighting games would be best. if you had both or played both it would be a better answer to me.

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    Well, the Xbox comes with better games than the PS3. That's a no-brainer.

    Unfortunately, 1 in 3 Xbox 360s end up crashing and need to be replaced. That's just f***ing annoying. Sometimes Microsoft won't even repair/refund your system, which is also bad.

    IDK. I don't own any gaming systems, so I can't really recommend one over the other. I just know XBox and PS3 seem like a waste of money. Why don't you just upgrade your computer?

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    Ok im totally unbiased about this one! infact instead of buying either of those i bought a wii. ( I couldnt resist the wiimotes) But anyways the ps3 and xbox 360 are better than the wii. ok now to get back on topic. I have played both many times although i dont own them. my best friend has the x box and my cousin has the ps3. I see them all the time so I play them a lot and know wat im talking about.

    The main thing i would see that could really turn you towards the x box, because as you probably know it cost a lot less than the ps3. but if you want live, you have to pay like 50 dollars a year, vs the ps3 is free to play online.

    Ps3 is fully backwards compatible( 80 gig only) and the x box is not completely backwars compatible

    X box live though in my opinion is a little bit better than the ps3 internet because it has some more features.

    another thing ps3 plays blue ray and x box plays hd dvds. blue ray won the battle between the two disc and you cant find many hd dvds.

    the graphics, id say ps3 wins that one, but it really depends on the game and if your tv is hd compatible because on a regular cable tv there isnt a big difference, and most of the graphic issues depend on the game.

    most x box 360's are destinded to get the red ring of death and just not work any more. xbox now has a fairly high failure rate vs ps3's very very low one.

    xbox 360 controllers have a rumble feature, and sixaxis controllers for ps3 dont. BUT!!! ps3 came out with dual shock 3 which does. xbox does have more games, along with some awesome titles like Halo 3 ect and has the better games. but ps3 now has a comperable selection with great titles as well. it is also rumored that the great x box titles will go multi platform, but i thats just a rumor, but might be true.

    So basically that is the imformation i have the system you buy is your decision. I hope that helps you buy your system =Þ

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    I would say the 360.You have better games to pick from with Microsoft.

    Also,360's are less expensive.Personally I don't like PS3 that much.With a 360 you have a better online gaming thing.I also like the wii so you could try that to.But don't just take my word for it.Go out try all of them.

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    This has been asked so many times on here, just do a search.

    My opinion is it depends on the games you like. There seems to be more likeable games for the 360, but some PS3 exclusive games like MGS or SOCOM or GoW, FF, LittleBigPlanet, etc...

    PS3 comes with a bluray player.

    Xbox live environment is cooler, but costs $50 a year.

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    PS3, Blu Ray player, a good one at that, good hard drive, doesn't cost extra, also wifi doesn't cost extra, also online play doesn't cost extra...

    See a pattern?

    I have had one since the day it came out, perfect, never had any problems easy to set up, games are epic, addicted to GHWT at the moment, yes most of the games are the same as the X box but the PS3 is starting to gain momentum and the full potential and power will soon be realised...

    Little X-Box fanboys are usually too cheap to get one, they're wrong and they should deal with it!

    Looks better too!

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    Depends, if you own a good gaming PC already, I'd go with the PS3. So many of the good games that come out on Xbox 360 eventually come out on Windows as well since Microsoft is all bout raking in the extra cash. Whereas on the PS3, there are some great games that never come out on other platforms.

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    The PS3 is a very capable gaming system.

    On top of that, it's the best blue-ray player on the market.

    XBox is a lot cheaper though.

    It really comes down to personal preference. If you want a 360, you will be happy with a 360.

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    i have the xbox (just explaining it so people realize im going to be slightly one sided)

    it depends what you want from it if you want a system which is mainly for games with music and film added on the side get a 360. if you want a system that does iternet, music and film mainly get a PS3

    if your like me and also have a laptop or pc nearby get a 360. im happy with my music and films on my laptop and my games on my 360.

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    Just get the one you want. Do you not know how to use Google to research and read reviews and comparisons? Try it. Works wonders. Here i'll help you:

    Guess how I found that link......... Googling "Xbox 360 or PS3 which one?"

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    XBOX360 in my experience was easy to use and configure, better games just for XBOX and just a better system that won't break down a lot.

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