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Well Im just a lil curious....?

Ok I havent had my period in 3 months, ok first thought Im pregnant. So I take a test. Negative. I tell the guy I been having sex with he makes me test again a few weeks later. Negative. Ok weird right. Well now to add onto my confusion Ive been really tired, I been getting heartburn which I never get, headaches. Again something I never get, and now I been getting nose bleeds. Not sure what that has to do with anything but I been getting a nose bleed maybe once a day.

Sorry this is long but like I dont know what could possibly be happening. And the guy is making me take another Pregnancy test which I told him probably a waste of money cuz I really dont think Im pregnant. I have a gyno appt. in a few weeks but Im just wondering what you all think! Thanks!


My appt is on the 17th. I mean Im perfectly content with waiting cuz honestly Im scared to find out the truth. I know if Im pregnant the guy will be there but he wont be with me and ok like hes my ex, we just been messing around still we are still really good friends, but he thinks this is gonna ruin his life if Im pregnant and I told him he shoulda thought about that before he stuck it in right lol

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    You could be. Have you gone to the doctors and got a blood test done? Sometimes women don't get HCG in there urine. Either way you need to go see a doctor or a gyno and see what you haven't had a period for 3 months.

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    I think it is possible that you could be pregnant. I mean, pregnancy tests are not always 100% correct. You may have to take 3-5 tests before you get a good, solid answer. And going to the gyno's is the best idea right now. You just need to take things slow and don't just to conclusions.

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    It can take longer for some women to get a positive test than others. All the symptoms you mentioned, including nose bleeds, are common during pregnancy. Take another test and see, also keep your gyno appointment. Good luck!

    Source(s): I'm a nurse and mom of 2, ttc #3
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    It could be any number of things, including pregnancy. My sister took 2 tests a week for 3 months and they all came out negative. She took a urine test at the ob/gyn also negative, but the blood test was positive.

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    I would go to the doctor. I was just watching a special on tv about people that went their entire pregnancy without knowing they were pregnant. One woman took a couple of test and all of them came back negative. Take care of yourself as if you are pregnant until you go to the doctor and know for certain.

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    hmm.. thats weird u should get the 3 pack HTP and take all 3 test at the same time and see what comes up it not if all negatives u Better ask u gynecologist good luck

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    They are all symptoms - including nosebleeds. Pregnant women's vessels constrict in their sinuses while pregnant causing nosebleeds, PLUS it's winter which the dry air would make matters worse. I would definitely go get checked out at the doctor.

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    Well those definitely sound like pregnancy symptoms. Yeah, just go to your gyno appt, and tell her. Those tests aren't always accurate, you know?

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    You should go to the doctor for a blood test

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    It could be your thyroid or fyborids. Ask your GYN to test for that. And your prego test are they the ones you buy from the store?? Sometimes those can be a little tricky.

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