why do cirrhosis patients get alkalotic?

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    not sure what you mean if you meant why do alcoholics get chirrosis of the liver it is because alcohol is really bad for your liver and kidneys and don't forget good judgement.sorry if this is not a good answer. if you meant alkolosis it has something to do with the ph level in urine

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    The decrease of urea cycle enzyme activities in liver cirrhosis produces metabolic alkalosis due to an impaired bicarbonate elimination. Alkalosis in turn activates and stabilizes hepatic glutaminase and accordingly mitochondrial ammonia provision for carbamoylphosphate synthetase. This results in a compensatory stimulation of the urea cycle flux in the cirrhotic patient to near-normal rates, despite the marked reduction of urea cycle enzyme activity. Accordingly, alkalosis is an important driving force for urea synthesis in the cirrhotic patient.

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    Since the liver is damaged it doesnt work to remove ammonia as well. The ammonia is usually converted to urea. Therefore, ammonia accumulates in the body increasing pH levels. You also see hepatic portal hypertension which causes ascites and slenomegaly. With an enlarged spleen you will Hyperaldosteronism which causes potassium levels to decrease. Due to a low extracellular potassium concentration, potassium shifts out of the cells. In order to maintain electrical neutrality, hydrogen shifts into the cells, raising blood pH.

    Source(s): Thats what I came up with so far. There may be more reasons. Hope it helps.
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    It has to do with the blood flow through the liver. Cirrhosis makes it increasingly difficult for your liver to carry out essential functions, such as detoxifying harmful substances, purifying your blood and manufacturing vital nutrients.

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