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Where can I find a bird?

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can find a cheap talking bird. I have had a few parakeets when I was younger, but I've always wanted a talking bird, but their so expensive. Does anyone know any pet shops that sell cheap, small, talking birds.

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    Keep an eye on the ads in your local paper. Also try Be patient, someone nearby will have baby birds and you will get a talking bird cheaper than what the pet stores sell them for.

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    There really aren't many smaller talking birds. The other problem with larger birds, expense aside, is that birds bite. Alot. And big birds can break fingers, and cause nerve damage. It takes years of work to have a well behaved bird that is a joy. That being said, I'm thinking you should look into a conure. They don't talk great, but can be taught to say several words. They are also really fun to watch play and are very sweet. However, on the down side, they are freakin' LOUD!! Especially the Sun, Jenday, and Nanday.

    You didn't say what area you live in so we cant help you there.

    P.S.Another problem with talking birds, is they don't just talk, they scream really loud, and will loudly jabber through your favorite tv show, or an important conversation with your boss. Mine loves to scream incessantly when I answer the phone just for amusement.

    Source(s): I have owned a Sun Conure and currently have a Double Yellow Headed Amazon
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    Cheap does not get you a quality or healthy bird. Your best bet is a small pet store that hand breeds/feeds the bird and gets it a lot of human exposure. Alternatively you may check E-bay, online stores or even your neighborhood Pennysaver magazine - ads in the newspapers. You might want to put an ad in a paper or supermarket.. I am no expert, but I would want one from someone that has a healthy and well taken care of bird but just can't keep it any longer for whatever their reasons may be. You also need to see it before purchasing it. I got my first cockateil from a local store in Mineola, NY known as For Birds Only though not cheap she became the love of my life.

    Source(s): working in a pet store and shopping in anothers
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    No bird is going to be cheap. The "cheapest" talking bird you'll find would be a cockatiel most likely and not all of them talk, only a male and not even every male. In the US Cockatiels start in price at $115 or more. Then you have to factor in the cost of a cage, toys, food, supplements, accessories, etc. Unfortunately not talking bird is going to be "cheap" but if you find a breeder you may be able to save a little bit of money.

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    You are not going to find a talking bird cheap. I would look on Petfinder and see if there are any bird rescues in or around your area. I have a Dusky Conure that I adopted. You would be surprised how many talking birds are looking for homes because I guess there are families out there that did not fully realize all that goes with caring for them and the fact that some of them can outlive us.

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    Cockatiels can talk and whistle, but usually only the males, and they're not too expensive. Here's a good site. You can enter in where you live and what kind of bird you want and it will find breeders near you. You can find some cockatiels for as low as $30. If you do end up getting a bird, make sure its hand fed. Good Luck!

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    Parakeets can talk as well if not better than many larger birds. If your keets did not talk you either did not know how to listen or you did not put enough effort into teaching them. I had several talking keets and my son's could recite the pledge of allegiance. It is up to the indiviual bird whether he will talk and how much effort you put into teaching it.

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    The cheapest talking bird I have found would be a Quaker they're about $200 Good luck I hope you find one!

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    At the pet store

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    at the pet store or you can adopt one

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