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Shy guys...they're so hard to read?

there is the guy...

and he is so so so so quick with looking at me and then looking away, or looking at the ground

he is a bloody expert at it.

I think he is hot, and he is such a genuiune nice guy.

others dont think he is very fit.

But because of his personality i find him more attractive.

however, i dont know him TOO well at school, we used to go the same primary school,

but we chat online now and then

yes, im going to say hi at school and smile


but any other advice tips, to show him that i like him??

and how to get to know him even more?


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    Depends on how shy he really is. i will assume he is on the extreme side. In that case you will need to be the one who does the initiative.

    Start slow such as buying him a bottle of soda or his favorite drink (water, OJ, etc.)

    Then later on ask him to join you with or without a group of friends to see a movie together as friends. While you hang out with him get to know him more and see if you want to continue to chasing him. If so get into deep convos with him. As your friendship deepens so will your relationship.


    You can just be direct and write him a love letter.

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    Don't say hi, say HI! Shy boys are hard to read because they cant read either. We're frozen to find out that they are someones interest


    You know how girls feel when they see super models and think they cant compete, boys do it too, not even Brad Pitt but the HS football player. We're OK once we get rolling, we 're afraid to say something stupid first but later we can say anything ,, to our friend.

    You will not need to lead the entire relationship but you may need to open the gate.

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    Be friendly. Start with just friendly chit-chat to loosen him up! The worst thing you can do to a shy guy is to tell him straight off how you feel. He will likely be scared and run.

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    just ask him if he wants to hang out. go to the mall or something.

    if you feel weird invite other friends too, and if he mentions a store that your friends hate, be like..."oh ill go with you.. hey guys we'll catch up in a few."

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    when he averts his eyes, dip your head down or do something to make him look up and then look right at him and smile. Look into his eyes because no matter how shy, he can't hide what's in his eyes.

    shy guys are usually keepers!

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    just sit next to him and ask him for help with school stuff

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