I want to Christmas Carol like at the hospitals and nursing homes.?

I want to Christmas Carol at various places, like nursing homes and hospitals, how can I do that?


THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELPDFUL ANSWERS! I lost my father this year, and my mother moved to Atlanta I just want to give back to others without family. God Bless you All!

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    1 decade ago
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    Best thing is to call these places of business and ask them what day and times are good to come over and sing. They will help you out because ppl love that stuff ^_^

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    Nursing homes would LOVE that! Children's hospitals would be a great places as well. Just call and arrange a convenient time to go. Bring some family members and/or friends. Those people would truly appreciate having new faces come in to see them.

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    Get some people together who are willing to do that, then call your local nursing homes and hostipals and they will be glad to let you (especially the nursing homes). Also before going to sing bring all your the people who wish to join you and practice the songs you have selected.

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    call the various places and make an appointment to schedule a day to do it.

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  • ozzy
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    1 decade ago

    first off you'll need lessons from Carol,she doesn't come cheap.

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