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Is this sexual or OCD related?

When I am intimate with a woman I prefer to use a condom, not only for the usual reasons (pregnancy/std's) but also because I don't like the contact with her intimate part's um... ickyness. Whenever I was intimate with my girlfriend and we didn't use a condom, I had to go wash up after wards.

The actual act was great, but I always felt like I didn't want it 'on me' you know? I am not so bad with saliva... but what do you think is wrong with me?

I should probably add that I am bisexual, but that's not really it.

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    it seems in the case of us leaner's to bisexual that the woman somehow gets impure . But the male acts involve more contact with fouled parts and it seem ok.

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    Personally I can't stand condoms because of their desensitizing effect. I'm actually a virgin when it comes to sex without a condom so I don't personally know how it feels inside without wearing one. If you consider it icky to have her juices on your penis I can't imagine how you would feel about the idea of giving oral sex to her. If you are very careful about germs and cleanliness generally in your life it may point to ocd, if not... it's probably just a sexual matter.

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    You're normal. You just don't like getting "stuff" on you and that's ok. It's just who you are. Don't stress over it, it just is what it is.

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