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How Should I feel abou this??????

Im a little confused on how I should feel. I just found out that my most recent x boyfriend of a year is expecting a baby with his new girlfriend...My first reaction was a little bit surprising since we split up only 3 months ago.. In all honesty I fell bad for the girl because I know he has cheated on her and I know I cant hate her because he is the reason were not together...but I'm kinda upset because a month before we offically broke up we took a break to see what we really wanted and we ended up deciding to work things out...but now I realize that she got pregnant during this time...It just hurts a little I had a miscarriage 2 months before we broke up and he never wanted the baby from the begining....I know I should be happy that I not the one with him pregnant and being cheated on.......

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    5 years ago i was with a guy who didn't want me as much as i wanted him so there was no point fighting something that wasn't there after the miscarriage i realised there was no spark there anymore and i also found out he slept with 3 of my so called friends

    one of them has a baby with him and ever time i see her i feel sorry for her as she is still with him and hes doing the same but its non of my Business so my advise to you is to leave it well alone she will find out and when she does she cant blame you when they break up

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