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I'm a foreigner and wants to study in public high school in Sydney, Australia,tips and advice please?! ?

I'm an Indonesian boy Chinese race,I'm entering year 11,I'm a shy person,and hard to get to know new people.I'm a quite person,does Australian boys are friendly? Actually I talk much,if you've already become my friends. Does Australian boys rude and mocking each other?or make fun of friends?or humiliating their friends? I'm a kind person,if you know me already.. And I don't want to be friends with Indonesian students,I want to be friends with Australian and other nationality,so I can improve my English. Please give me some advice,so I could be a nice friend to Australian... And anybody from Sydney or any places in Australia who want to make friends with me,add me to your YM list or skype, my e-mail: vic_santoso@yahoo.co.id and my skype name: victorlvjc

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    I'm sad to say that many Australian high school kids are rude and tease each other. I wish I could tell you otherwise. It's a different story at university though, where people are nice to each other and mingle well with people from all over the world.

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    what ever maybe you should have friends where you come from

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