Motherboard POST problem?

This is what I've tried while trying to fix a relative's computer:

When I power on the computer I get no POST beep, and when all RAM is removed and the power is turned back on there isn't a POST beep for the no RAM error,doesn't get to BIOS or even send a signal to the monitors (I've tried a few) I've tried a new power supply, checked the CMOS jumpers and reseated the CPU heatsink/fan. Also the graphics card isn't sending a signal to my monitor. Does this mean the Motherboard needs replacing?

Note: It's a few years old now and I've been told that the computer hasn't been treated carefully and that there are children who use it.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    it isnt a graphics or cpu problem. the problem i would first check out is the ram cause thats the first check the computer does during post. if thats not the problem then i would flash the bios, if still no luck get a new motherboard cause thats the problem

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    1 decade ago

    unless they a kicking the case or knocking it over all the time kids shouldn't be an issue to hardware. Software on the other hand...

    pull the CMOS battery and let it sit for a minute, then reinsert it and try to boot. My first thought here was the PSU, but you already mention changing it out. So, if resetting the CMOS doesn't help remove everything, unplug everything. then start with reinstalling the CPU with new thermal paste and take out and reseat the RAM. connect the power cable and try to boot. if all you have are those three components then you either have a dead CPU, RAM or Mobo...

  • 1 decade ago

    I would not waste any more time trying to diagnose the problem because it is definitely a problem with the motherboard and you are much better off replacing the motherboard.

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