Certified Marriage & Common-Law Marriage (Texas)?

What are the financial differences between a certified marriage and a common-law marriage in texas? I already know the different methods of getting married, certified marriage requires the application and certification while common-law requires that you present yourself as married. But, does common-law marriage have the same financial benefits as a certified marriage? Example; federal witholding, filing for a join-tax return, etc.

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  • Yve
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    There are no differences between certified and common-law marriage in Texas. Marriage is marriage.

    To be common-law married in Texas, you need three things: cohabitation, presentation of yourselves as married, and witnesses to the presentation of yourselves as married.

    There is no minimum length of cohabitation. You can be common-law married within 24 hours of moving in together.

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    Certified means you're recognized by the government... Common law usually means you've lived together for a long enough period of time to be considered married.... I forget, is it TX that states you just have to introduced them as your spouse 3 times?? I believe one state's laws are exactly that.....

    But in my opinion, why one earth would you live with someone for say, 7 years and become a common law marriage.... why not just get officially married? You wouldn't have to do the white dress wedding with all the guests.... but could get a courthouse wedding.... so why not?

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