We sell boat condos, need marketing ideas for a upcoming boat show?

We have a marina , selling boat slip condos, inside the building and outside ,looking for creative marketing ideas, for boat shows, Thank you ...

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    With all the polite I can muster.

    I have been told, and had an answer removed due to solicitation.

    Please remove your question, this forum is not for soliciting goods and services.

    Thank you.

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    Can you give us some more info on what exactly you are selling? Is this a condo (inside) that comes with a boat slip (outside)?

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  • jtexas
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    1 decade ago

    to generate traffic in your booth?

    the busiest booth I ever saw at a boat show had a couple R/C boats inside a small tank (smaller than a bathtub), and challenged you to dock the boat in a mock-up of a slip with only barely enough room for manuvering.

    Source(s): ok, maybe the catfish tank was busier, but this was a close second..........................
  • sohib
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    4 years ago

    in case you may wait i could gain this. The worst time to sell a ship or bike is this time of the year. except you reside in a hotter climate. here in chicago the final time to purchase them of direction is fall and iciness. as quickly as the climate warms up, the lakes thaw and you get human beings on the water you will maximum probable have extra constructive success and get extra money for it.

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