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Should I tip the Mailman when it gets closer to Christmas time? (In the U.S.)?

He's been lugging a lot of packages for me up a flight of stairs ( i live in an apartment). I keep hearing about people who sometimes tip the mailman, but sometimes i hear that they are not allowed to accept tips or gifts.

Which is correct, and which is proper?

I'm talking about in the USA.

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    Here's a great quote from an article on cnn money:

    "As a government employee, postal workers are prohibited from accepting cash gifts or gifts valued more than $20. However, a small gift worth less than that amount is fine. Some examples are cookies, chocolate, or gift certificates from a particular store."

    "Better yet, write a letter of appreciation on behalf of your carrier to the postmaster."

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    I think it's definitely a nice thing to do! You a right that there are restrictions though. According to this tipping guide from Scott Common Sense, "The United States Postal Service actually prohibits letter carriers from accepting any amount of cash or gifts valued at more than $20, so don't put your carrier in an awkward position by exceeding that limit."

    There are guidelines for other people too, like your newspaper deliveryman and hair stylist:

  • Bryce
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    Give 'im a bottle of Wild Turkey, the mailman's favorite!

    Booze used to be a traditional mailman gift, no foolin', but now a gift card to Starbucks or Target or WalMart would seem more appropriate.

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    Some people do, some don't.

    If I recall though, U.S. letter carriers are not allowed to accept gifts over $20.

    Maybe it was no more than $20 at a time or $40 within a calendar year.

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    Eh.. he might be a bit insulted, as tipping a federal employee could be seen as bribery :D

    What I'm sure he would REALLY love is if you give him a present or a card or both. If he drives a truck, you could give it to him on his route. A nice thermos full of hot cocoa would be sweet, or a gift card (for the ones that hike and may not want to carry a package around for the rest of their route).

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    I think they aren't allowed to accept cash tips.

    I always give my mailman a $20 gift card for Dunkin Donuts.

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    I live in Tx and every Christmas I give my mailman a tin of homemade choc. chip cookies and he never turns them down. I've never heard that they aren't allowed to except tips or gifts. Call your local post office and ask them

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    I have heard that postal carriers are not allowed to keep money or tips or material gifts. You can leave a card and some cookies though - anything edible should be fine.

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    tip your mailman!! if it's a regular one you have had all year, give him a $25 gift certificate to a coffee shop or something (or as much as you can afford)

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    We usually give him $20.00. And we leave a case of beer for the garbage men!

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