How do I Get My BF's Exwife To stop Bossing Him?

My BF was marreid for 29 years to a controlling, nagging, emasculating woman who after 5 yrs divorced calls him e/o day to talk about nonsense,their children are grown and gone, she weighs 240 lbs and is remarried...he has no sexual interest in her.....but when they were married he always gave in during a fight, because she was a grudge holder and made his life hell if he didn' she's still trying to tell him what to do..and he just 'yeses her to avoid conflict...he's not an argumentative man...and never picks an argument with me over anything...he rather keep his mouth shut and stuff it....i can't stand her telling the man i love still what to do,( he is very quiet and shy)....HOW DO I GET RID OF HER?

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    Well marry him and then she'll go away

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