Have I seriously injured my finger?

hi people.....i need some help....i tripped a few minutes ago...and i fell on a finger...IT HURTS LIKE H***!!!i can move it though but it swelling up..there is also a red line visible at the base of it....should i got to the doctor??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A fine red line often indicates a break at that point--its where the blood is seeping out. The fact that you can bend it means nothing other than the tendons are intact. Get some ice slurry on it (not directly on the skin). You need to be seen more at an ER or an urgent care where they have access to an immediate Xray and possibly an orthopedist for consult.

    Hope you are better! If you have ANY rings on that hand take them off now as the whole hand may swell.

    Source(s): ER PA
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    1 decade ago

    Possible doctor's visit may be needed here. The fact you can bend your finger is a good indication its not broken. You may have some torn muscle and nerves around the joint areas which will indeed hurt and take some time to heal.

    My advice is take at least 3 ibuprofen to knock the swelling down and put it on ice. If it starts to really swell and hurt even more then go ahead and see a doctor about. All he will do though is x-ray it, and wrap it up in some bandages more then likely.

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