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Ok im 25 years old and i have this friend named Monica, lately im getting a weird vibe off her, im only paling around with her the last 3 years, for the 1st two years we always went out all time and it wasnt just us there was a few other girls there to, now we all kind of drifted a little we all got boyfriends and stuff, lately i find when we makeing plans if i suggest to bring a friend of mine she's say something like shes weird, or if i want to ask my cousin along to something she'l say oh she prob wont want to as she lives on other side of city, the other day i told her im meeting for a dinner in a weeks time with a girl i use be friendly with growing up and she said god you prob have nothing to talk about with her as shes so settled, i just find she has a smart comment about any friends i have outside our group, and when ever were out if someone is hitting on me i wont get with them as i have a boyfriend, but if there good looking she'l go off with them, i mean i don't think she wants me to herself as theres a few of gals there and she's not short of friends, juts she never has something nice to say about any of my friends outside of the circle, i mean were not teenagers so im just looking for some views on what it might be, thanks

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    Wow do i recognize this. Sounds like someone is the "leader of the pack" in otherwords. You probably usually decide when to go out. Even if u ask everyone else's opionion and make it NOT seem that way but it happens. Your the Alpha female. This friend of yours wants your position but wont push it so she'd rather be 2nd. She's jealous if u have more friends that are not part of the circle so she ridicules them so u wont let them go.

    Source(s): My best friend and I have a g/f who is that way. My best friend is the "alph female" of our group. She makes suggestions to go places. everyone else just says OK and we go. Our friend will always try to get as many guys as she can to "be" with her on the dance floor. If my best friend gets a new designer jacket so does our friend. shes tryin to be a "copy cat"
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    hey girl....i think the reason she acts like that is bkuz she's prob jealous of you or she knows how backstabbing females could be! she prob dont want you to make new friends bkuz she's afraid that you'll start ignoring her ya know? thats my opinion

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