There are blisters/scabs and i dont know what they are...HELP!!!!?

i watch this 18mo yr old and he has scabs all over his body. they are circular scabs kinda blistery. Any ideas? They are bout a centimeter in diameter. and the blisters go in a circle with a scab in the middle that looks like its been scrapped off

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  • 1 decade ago
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    do you put on baby oil on the baby after you give a bath to that child. if you do then you need to stop the baby oil causes young baby to break out from dry skin .you need to use only baby lotion or vaseline to the baby skin and don't put that stuff in the baby hair then you will have dry flakes coming out of the baby hair.please be carefull when it comes to little baby's there skin is not like us.and the next time you go to the doctor just ask what is this.

  • Emily
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    1 decade ago

    Chicken Pox???? Or i hate to say this, but could he be getting abused at home??? Maybe they're burn marks of some sort??? I would talk to his parents about it and see what they say, and have them call a doctor. If they're reluctant or fight it and try to deny anything, then that could be a big red sign right there. The kid might be getting abused in that case. Either way, this kid needs to have these looked at, and get some medical attention.

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