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What is a good brand of moisturizer/foundation cream?


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    i use neutrogena mosturizer/foundationa nd i absolutely love it

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    You may have to try several before you find one that works well for you. I have extremely sensitive skin and I have tried everything that is not supposed to break your skin out - but it still does!!

    I am using Mary Kay Timewise moisturizer for oily to normal skin now and it seems to agree well with my skin. It is also very lightweight and only takes a little to go a long way. It soaks into your skin quickly so you can start applying your foundation. I used to have to use a lot of loose powder over my foundation to absorb some of my moisturizer but I don't need any at all now.

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    ive never tried anything better than aveeno. worth paying the price. but that's body lotions...i never really likes nutrogena cus it feels so heavy on me. and gives me acne. but that's for me.

    i like revlon foundations cus they odnt feel heavy and has never given me acne. i wud try amay but its not made for women of color and im asian. if ur caucasian u shud try almay. its made frm natural ingredients.

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    Netrogena as a moistrizer..Not sure about foundation though.

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