did I do the right thing? y is he so mad?

Ok here da story, me n my bf of 2yrs have had a lil problem, both our fault u c last month he confess that since mid september his had a crush on a grl, that he cudnt stop thinkin abt her, but den he found out she was a slut so he got over her, I was hurt a lot, so then he started hangin out wit his friends, n dumb me was all sad n was becomin needy, cuz I wanted things 2 b how they use 2 b, so like 2 weeks ago, I saw him makin friends wit grl n boys, so I was like I need 2 make more guy friends n hang out wit dem, just as friends u kno, so lately I've been talkin a lot to this guy he's like my brother, we have history I stoped talkin 2 him for 4 months cuz my jealous bf told me 2 but recently I felt the need 2 tok 2 him....n den I've been talkin a lot 2 my neighbor I don't like him at all,....anyways last nite my bf kept tellin me abt his day, so I was like oh u kno last week wen I told u I went to dat party I went wit my neighbor n he told me his bro(my ex) stil likes me, or n I stil got feelins for him n have a crush on him...which I don't I just added dat up, oh n I've been talkin 2 chriz my bro da guy u told me I cudnt talk 2 no more, since u have a play sis y can't I have a play bro? N he just stood quiet, n pretended everythin was kool, so 2day at skool wen I saw him he was mad, n kept sayin dat, it bothered him dat I was talkin 2 guys...but he talks 2 grlz, so was I wrong for tellin him?

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    1 decade ago
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    It wasn't wrong for you to tell him, but the thing is it is wrong to fight back like that. You guys are not going to work out if you fight like this trying to make each other jealous. You need to talk to him about your relationship and tell him what you don't like and what he don't like.

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