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Need an amp with 800x2 @ 4 Ohms. Help? ?

I'm wanting an amp for the my two Power Acoustik Fubar 12w's and i cant find a amp that is in the right wattage. I have been looking at a Lanzar MXA252 but it only pushes 600x2. Help please

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    i wouldn't go for a 2 channel. You'd have an easier time finding a mono amp that is the right wattage.

    Are they dual 4 ohm or dual 2 ohm?

    All I can find the specs for are the dual 4 ohm. I would go with a Hifonics 1608D. 1600 watts at 1 ohm. Wire it parallel on the coils and parallel on the subs to a 1 ohm final load.

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    a) Power Acoustik and Lanazr = Pyle, which is known to be a pyle of S*** hahahahaha

    b) 800 RMS subs are large (if truly 800 RMS ;-) )

    if they are you will need a 1600 RMS x 1 @ 2ohm amp (or if they are both DVC, then i would assume 1600 RMS x1 @ 1 ohm, prolly cheaper)

    mono amp is suggested at the power range you are asking for

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    I would stay away from a Lanzar anything.

    Power Acoustik Amps are better, but they are over rated. If the amp says 1600rms it is lower.

    Two words mono-block, they give you more flexablity when wireing your subs. 1ohm stable is best.

    There is no perfect amp, Just don't over power subs. It is better to buy an amp that is a 100rms under the subs rms than 100rms over.

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