Atheist, what are the benefits of an atheist life style? ?

To give more information, I'm a christian, I was raised christian, and I like the religion a lot. I am 16 years old, I've done my research on many areas, and what I mean by areas is Biology, Evolution, Philosophies, and of course the Big Bang. This made me question my beliefs some what. I'm not going to deny that religion has it's many flaws, but so does science. I've also looked up Trans humanist which I think is very fascinating. My real question is this. I would like to know how this makes you atheist, and secular people feel? I mean if you die and there was a God yet you all denied him, what would be your response to him, her or it? Please I'm just asking keep the peace guys I don't want a flame war.

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    I feel much more comfortable and happy now that I'm free of religion. The loss of constant fear is amazing (I was raised Christian too). I have developed a better, purer morality in that I'm now doing good because it's good rather than because I was scared of hell.

    If there is a God, I think he knows why we can't believe in him. The lack of any real evidence is very telling and the total failure of religions to transform the world into something better kind of gives it away.

    I trust science more than religion because science is self-corrected. These "flaws" you mention are recognized and ideas are discarded when proven false. With religion, however, old and bad ideas are clung to furiously despite evidence to the contrary. That's why religion can't guarantee us that their claims are valid. They simply aren't willing to subject them to rigorous testing and then abide by the outcome.

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    Props for denying flames.


    *Time saved from going to church(of course you can still go, usually you can still belong to a faith community and not believe)

    *Stop worrying about sin and make up your own mind about what is moral using reason(i.e. not worrying about not praying enough, having sex before marriage, being shameful)

    *No Tithing(giving money to the church)

    *Support secular charities as well as non-secular ones, based on their track record

    *Make up your own mind whether someone is a good person or not, regardless of their faith

    *talk about any topic with anyone, without worrying whether you are "blaspheming"

    *Accept anyone for who they are, regardless of whether they are "sinning" or not, but whether you think they are a good person

    *save energy on your friendship by not feeling like you have to "save" people from hell

    *not be afraid of hell, scared of losing heaven

    *be able to accept that what you believe has flaws and work to correct them, instead of denying they exist

    *critically examine everything, instead of leaving what some people say/think out of it

    As to what I would say about god if I died and there was one:

    "Your followers didn't do much to convince me with their abuses, however science shows me that a creator isn't necessary to exist. I didn't deny you to be evil, only because I wasn't shown proof. Why did you create me with a skeptical mind, then feed that mind with science, and only show me your followers with narrow minds that would not even consider my point of view? Why didn't you show me a sign, a convincing sign, that you existed? I prayed and tried to find evidence, but found none, and I feel you forsook me, not the other way around.".

    If god loved me/existed at all, he would go through great pains to satisfy MY inquiring mind, instead of asking me to deny the way "he made me" and follow something blindly and without question.

    Also, never offhandedly dismiss the possibility that god exists, I only find no reason why he should, not proof he does not. I believe in nothing until shown reason for it to be.

    Remember to question everything(except that!)

    Source(s): my brain, experiences I've had, youtube I guess?
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    if i died and met god i'd probably say, "Let's have a rematch"

    i'd rather have another earth life than have heaven

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    No pros, no cons, just a regular life.

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