Anonymous asked in Yahoo ProductsYahoo Shopping · 1 decade ago seems to be a replacement for the scam website It has the same pages and prices.?

Qbelam was found to be a scam by many people. It is gone but seems to be the replacement for the scam site It no longer carries the visa, mastercard and paypal logos. It does not have an 800 number but rather a 909 long distance number. I suspect it requires moneygrams which you can never get back.

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    They do show paypal, visa and mastercard but in the end will only accept moneygram, I was going to place an order for the too-good-to-be-true price of $250 for the PS3 (with Metal Gear Solid 4) but after some research I cannot find anything about the site that makes me feel comfortable sending my money.

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    Was just on their website looking at a PS3 also. They do have the Paypal logo on the website, along with Visa and MC. Surely their prices are too good to be true. Looked up reviews and found none.

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    I was curious too, and tried to place an order. They would only accept a money gram and the phone number listed is a cell phone voice mail for a woman. They had a sony playstation 3 for 250.00, and wanted it for christmas. Needless to say no order placed.

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    I wouldn't trust them. If they were legitimate, they would accept the credit cards or paypal. I don't think even the retailers can purchase a PS3 that cheap.

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