Using a Vaporizer for my 9month old son for the 1st time?

I have a 9 month old son. He is really congested. I already took him to see his doctor. They just recommended nose drops only. The thing is he is really congested & has a lot of mucus building up in his nose. He sometimes seems to choke or cough on his mucus, especially when he wakes up. The doctor really didn’t give him any other medication b/c he isn’t fevering & his eating & bowel movements are perfectly normal. But I really just want to get rid of congestion. It makes me feel so bad for him. He seems so agitated & uncomfortable sometimes.

Anyways, I borrowed a Vicks Vaporizer from my sister in law & am gonna use it today after work. I don’t have instructions w/ it & never used one before.

• How much of the vapor solution do I put in for a 9month old baby? On the bottle, I think it says a table spoon for every quart of water. Do I stick w/ those directions for a baby too?

• Do vaporizers work?

• What’s the difference between a vaporizer and a humidifier?

• Does anyone have any suggestions to make my baby feel better & make his congestion go away?

I really want to get him as well as possible before thanksgiving on Thursday.

Thank you all in advance for all answers & suggestions. I appreciate it.

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    I would just ask your SIL how to use it because each vaporizer is different. But 1 tablespoon to one quart of water sounds right. I found that the vaporizers do work...but I also would seal up the bathroom, run the shower on hot for about 5 minutes and let the bathroom get nice and steamy. Then I would sit in there with my kids for about 5 minutes. This helped a lot. I also noticed warm baths are good. It helps get all that stuff out of their noses.

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    I feel your pain. My six month old is sick, too. He has 2 ear infections and croup. He's been really congested and there's nothing I can do about it. I've had a vaporizer running. A vaporizes used warm mist and a humidifier uses cool mist. Either is fine. Yes, use the instructions as it says, even for a baby. Run the shower really hot. Then sit in the bathroom with your baby and let him breathe in the steam. It will make everything looser. He will sound more mucusy when he coughs, but this is a good thing. You want it to break up. If he gets a barky cough, it's croup. Bring him out in the cool air. Call the doctor for medicine if this happens. If it's just a cold, steam, saline, clear liquids (water, juice) and tylenol if he's cranky are really the only things you can do for him. When it's bed time, keep him upright in a bouncy seat or something like that. He'll get stuffier when he's lying down. I'm staying inside with my son until Thanksgiving. Sounds like you'll be doing the same! Hope your little guy feels better soon.

  • I have a 2 month old that went through the same thing...I used a vaporizer. My doctor told me to put onyl a few drops of the solution in with the water because it is much stronger to a baby then a adult. My lil girl was VERY congested and i used it when i would put her down for naps. She started getting better after the first night!!! I also sat her in the bathroom with me when i would take warm showers that cleared her up even faster!!! Good luck!!!

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    IF the vapor solutino if for a vaporizer I think the directions are for a child so its ok to go with the recommendations on the bottle.

    Yes they work!

    I dont think there is a difference.. I could be wrong however,

    Warm baths! Works wonders for my daughter. Let him sleep slightly elevated. Put a small rolled blanked under the head of his mattress. When Sophie has a lot of mucus I offer the bottle/fluids to her as much as possible to help her get it down. Good luck and I hope he feel better soon...

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    Read the directions on the bottle, I had the Vicks solution and it said not to use it for children that age. Instead, we ran the vaporizer with plain water and put Baby Vicks in the little trough on the top and coated my son's chest with it. You can also try letting him sleep in his car seat on the floor so he is upright. I also used to put my son in his swing in the bathroom while I showered. The saline drops work pretty well too so don't be afraid to use them more then once a night if he is waking up.

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    If you're nervous about the dosage, you might just buy a vick's plug in for children (they are great if your son doesn't have a menthol sensitivity). The difference between a vaporizer and a humidifier is the level of moisture and the type of conjunction w/the nose drops you can use the nasal aspirator they gave you in the hospital (or go buy one). That really makes a difference.

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    My son's 5mth and has been congested since birth. His pedi prescribed saline drops which helps to loosen the mucus. When he's really congested and sounds like he's choking I lay him on his tummy on my laps and tap his back and ribs gently[respiratory therapist taught me that] this helps him cough up the mucus. We also have a mobile suction set we use after 2drops of saline in his nose, he settles right after that. We also got a humidifier about 3weeks ago, we place it whereever he is in the house cos he's been less congested since we got it, I don't know about vapourizers. Saline drops and the suction machine has been a life saver when his nose and throat seem to be blocked by mucus. Ask our drs if u can get one.

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