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getting vaginal fluid/secretion on your hands from your partner during an intimate moment risky/dangerous?

in regards to hiv/stds? if your hands look to be clear of any abrasions or does it have a risky factor due to hidden away hang nails etc?

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    There is no STD that can be transmitted through hand to genital contact. The transmission simply does not happen.

    For information about this, look at and search for "HIV and hand to genital"

    I hope it helps

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    I'm pretty sure you are fine. You would need a pretty severe lesion on your hand in order to contract HIV.

    Although, you should wash your hands immediately following touching the fluids of someone infected with HIV or other infections. I don't know what STD's you could get on your hands, but I know you could get herpes. This is rare though.

    Here's some info about HIV transmission that might help.

  • BLT
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    just wash your hands

    and hope you dont have an open sore

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