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Is there any psychological explanation for the following incident?

I was fast asleep dreaming . in the dream a time bomb was about to go off . before it went off i heard a sound after which i was awoken by the same sound from my alarm clock..

this ws the first time i was using the clock nd it had a rather unique sound so it was no ringing in my head . ne answers???

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    your body has an internal clock, which explains the reason you were dreaming about the time bomb. It knows when you need to wake up. Sometimes just making a mental note of when you should be waking up is enough to let your body know when to get you up. As for hearing the same sound. A lot of times you'll hear a sound that is actually happening, but won't wake up. It becomes a part of your dream - then you'll eventually wake up. This has happened to me many times. So the alarm may have already been going off before you realized it. If the alarm had actually not been going off yet, you probably just associated the sound in the dream with the sound in real life.

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    This has happened to me before. I'll be dreaming whatever and here this sound in my dream, when I finally wake up it's that damn alarm clock. It's just incorporating sounds around you into your dream. I've done that before with my kids talking to me in my bedroom, but they're saying the same thing in my dream.

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    Your clock haunted your dream, really cool

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    your brain knows it was soon time to wake up, the particular sound you heard in your head was merely a manifestation of the images

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