Do many atheists believe that science has vindicated the nonbeliever's position?

making it impossible for science and God to coexist...

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    1 decade ago
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    By definition, science doesn't seek to explain supernatural phenomena.

    Science CAN falsify specific claims about specific gods, but

    cannot rule out the "god concept" as being impossible.

    Greek philosophers were refuting the claims for the existence

    of gods long before science rose to cultural ascendancy.

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    there seem to be a surprising number of legit athiests. which is a breath of frsh air.

    Science does not explain the supernatural.

    and it would indeed be fitting if we did indeed find unicorns on mars.

    Religious text is limited to the understanding of those that are writting it. so to make judgements on an idea that was written down some 200+ years ago. is like kicking someone while they are down. That would be like a christian making judgements about science based on reports that were written 200 years ago.

    Back to my point (that was a minor tangent)

    Science is for the most part the study of statistics. you can only call something a fact, or even just calling it data, if you have tested it a great many times, and then what you report is merely the average of your findings.

    the Supernatural occurs one time. so it is impossible to analyze a supernatural event with science. we can try to explain how it might have occured. and here i am going to quote a faovrite movie of mine "That's one way you could do it." (The iIlusionist) many events could have happened a multitude of ways, we have no way of knowing of it happened one way as opposed to another.

    I wont bother with the limitless problems of creationism, but i do want to talk about a rather decent idea that is often discredited becuase it is related to creationism.

    it is best described in a question.

    "who is to say that the methods of science are not infact the designs and workings of God?" In short how do we know that God (whichever God's you believe in) does not work through science? we don't, not really anyways. its perfectly legitiment.

    It's also perfectly legit to say "What if the true meaning of God's words was lost to us?" or my favorite "what if God set up religion for the soul purpose of seeing how individuals would react to it." Religion is not face value, it's deeper then that.

    perhaps the athiest is vindicated by God. Perhaps God is more interested in seeing how we choose to act and believe and not interested to see how well we can jump through hoops?

    Religion is deeper then most take it as.

    so I say no. I feel that the divine and science can, and do coexist.

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    1 decade ago

    To an atheist, science and god have no relationship whatsoever.

    I see the ignorant fundies say here, every single day, that to believe in evolution makes god a liar. Now how stupid is that?

    Many intelligent Christians have the ability, and the intelligence, to seek knowledge and still love God.

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    It has proved creationism is rubbish, but there is many many intelligent Christians believing that truth=evolution does not really prove god does not exist. Just like I would be Atheist in 1780 just like in 2008.

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    I do not believe in God, but that doesn't mean I'm right or that science is right.

    Many hardcore Atheists would say yes. But I say no beacase just because I do not believe in God, I am not hot-headed enough to say that I am right.

    It's not impossible, just very unlikely. As somone said, science is not studied to disprove things. It is studied to see how things work, how to improve things like health, and make life easier.

    Edit: I was raised Catholic. I didn't choose to stop believing...I came to opposite conclusions about life throughout my education. I did choose to not be Catholic though. But I didn't choose not to believe just like how people don't wake up one day and say, "I'm gonna start believing in God". It just happens. Thanks.

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    Science and a belief in God can co-exist but the things claimed to be written by God or gods usually can't.

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    1 decade ago

    Saying God created science is like saying Bausch and Lomb created the human retina.

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    Science has never been about proving or disproving the supernatural.

    "The Atheist does not know God"

    Response: The atheist understands "God" all too well.

  • No, I would not say that. What I would say is that science has shown us that most religious claims about gods are empty and can be better explained through natural means.

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    1 decade ago

    You do know that there were atheists long before someone even thought of the idea that would lead to the scientific methods, right?

    Source(s): Even if I were completely clueless about modern science I would STILL think unexplained invisible magic man in the sky looking over your shoulder is a silly idea.
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