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Hockey fans? Is Malkin better than Crosby?


Thank you all for answering. I don't do the thumbs down thing at all. And right now I can't.

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    Wow, that's a good question. Malkin is starting to get a little better than Sid, but Malkin began playing when Crosby started his second season in the league. He really stepped it up in his second season when Crosby went down with the high ankle sprain and kept it going all season long, including the playoffs. Right now, Malkin and Crosby are tied, but someday, Malkin will be better than Crosby. I'm not saying that he'll be the best player, but Evgeni Malkin will be a good hockey player for years to come.

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    Well, right now he is. But Crosby has one thing Malkin does not have... at least not yet. That is leadership skills. One is left wondering with Malkin, and it was painfully obvious this past Cup Final, whether or not Malkin can really step it up in the big game. Not to say he can't! But he needs to prove it before I officially call him better than Crosby.

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    He probably has a better all around offensive game, but I think Crosby and it hurts to say this probably plays a little more physical. Which I guess is expected due to the places they grew up playing. I don't think you can go wrong with either one and even though I'm not a Crosby fan, (it's just all the hype prior to him doing anything), he's the golden boy of the NHL and until Malkin can learn English,

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    It's starting to look that way. Crosby hasn't improved since his 2nd year in the league, and Malkin continues to get better and better.

    Both guys are having trouble scoring goals this year though.

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    Yes, I think Malkin is better than Mr. Crosby. The cry baby thing Crosby has really annoys me in spite of his gifts.

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    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Over all Crosby is better but Malkin is still good.

  • It's hard to say. Malkin is a good passer and shooter, but Crosby is amazing when it comes to handling the puck. I think they're both pretty evenly matched.

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    they're so different, its hard to compare.

    sid is an amazing puck handler,

    malkin is an amazing shooter, passer.

    overall they're both AMAZING(ya i don't care for any of you ovie fans that constantly bash on sid).

    they're both young. i'm interested in who will be better when they're older and more experienced.

    i have to pick Malkin right now because he is leading the league in points, after all.

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    They both have very similar talents but i think malkin is the better one

  • he's getting there

    i can say he's probley a better shooter

    but crosby is overall a good leader

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