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Exactly what is soo wrong with the twist in the UK FIFA battle?

I mean, come on, she did take the time to create this long competition, and it must be really tiring to count all those votes, and then minus the votes that are from ppl who are under 1000 pts.

Now to the twist, what the heck is so wrong with it? I actually think it can help boths sides more!

what if she had put Terry vs Dame C, and DC won (obviously LMAO) and then DC had to face Touz in the final, what if some of the Terry voters voted for Touz, it;s reality, and it happened when Smarty faced off with her, there are more uk users so why didnt Uk win? So i think having a couples final is much better.

Oh and touz, i think u should still have the final, and whoever doesn't agree with it, that's their problem, they dont have to vote.


Mr lover, why did Mj touch u?

that was gonna be my next Question

Update 2:

@ Ashley, it's ok if he touched u literally, we wont judge, we'll get u help!

Still think Ramsey is Gay?

ahhhhhhhhhhhh DARK PINKY hasnt answerd!

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    Great post Lara

    We've lost sight of the original motives why this notion was first conceived and developed .... That was to provide a little fun, a little humour and add much needed life to an often dormant forum.

    Touz will never please everybody, but her efforts in this instance warrant merit - Nobody else could have pulled this off.

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    Yer if Touz won it wouldnt have been so bad because she has put in so much work for it, plus the final would have been Fifa vs UK for real!

    edit: he didnt touch me literally but inside hes hurting me because he doesnt even know who Tony Adams is!

    There was not enough letters to express my full opinion so MJ touched me seemed ok......also do you like the AHHHHH(not Dark Pinky)

    edit2: Yes, Ramsey could still possibly be a homosexual......nothings wrong with it though but a few gals on this section would end up crying!!!

    Source(s): The book of young gay footballers who have broken young girls hearts by Mr Lover
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    Nothing , Touz is a bit cheeky by nature ( as shes demonstrated ) - to be honest I think people are taking this to seriously , I am disgusted at some users

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    I think it is a good idea. Not everybody will think that though for some reason or another. Now we'll have to wait and see who the winner is until thursday comes by. COME ON UK SECTION!!

    And for when/if she does answer. AHHHHH Dark pinky!!

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  • i think my avator says it all

    we all knew Dame and her would be in the final

    and she would probably win but why do you think?

    because she is a cool customer and so is Dame

    and besides the tourney was to be fun i was exiled and turned into a dark lord and i laughed the whole way so for it to turn sour people really should feel bad if they had something to do with it i think

    Source(s): my 2 cents
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    AHHHHHHH LARA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AHHHHHHHHH MR LOVER!!!!!!!!!!!


    -drops down in exhaustion

    I don't think the format of the final is really that bad....but what do I know.

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