what are some similar things about the mccarthy period and the salem witch trail that i can write in a essay ?

i need to write an essay and i need help can anyone help

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    Both situations involved lower-class challenges to the people in the upper-class.

    In the Salem case, landowners, and in the McCarthy era writers and scholars which caused people at the State Dept. and Hollywood to lose their positions.

    Both situations functioned under the cover of mass belief. Religion at Salem and anti-Communism for McCarthy. Both cases appealed to a public fear of an unseen power (God or Soviets) threatening their lives.

    Both situations ended when intellectuals in power (journalism and government) stepped in and took decisive action to stop these "witch hunts."

    Edmund Faulkner invited a commission from London to come to Massachusetts and end the turmoil of the religious courts. Edward R. Murrow of CBS-News was a leading character in ending the McCarthy era.

    Hope this answer helps you in researching your essay.

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    How about the fact that there were lots of Communists in the State Department and no such things as witches?

    Seriously, there aren't any similarities. Research McCarthyism a bit more, especially Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs.

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    Well for one they both went hunting for the "evil"... and many were falsely accused in their respective "hunts".

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